Case Studies

Enabling Cashless Music Festivals


Visitors to the Roskilde Festival always faced long queues when buying food & drinks. With over 10 million Euros turnover generated during the week and over 1 million meals served, the festival organizers decided to replace the traditional cash register systems with compact wireless S920 point of sale terminals.

The festival organizers had 3 key objectives:

•    Increase sales turnover by up to 20%.
•    Reduce the amount of time customers waited in queues.
•    Improve vendor efficiency by reducing cash fraud & offering real-time sales information.


GoAppified deployed the S920 device with a user friendly menu selection of food, drink and snack categories which street-vendors accessed via the terminal's color touch screen.

The cloud based Terminal Management System enabled every street-food stall to have their own dashboard and interface to upload menus and prices. Based on the Italian CB2 payment protocol, transactions were quickly and securely completed either via traditional bank cards with contactless or Chip & PIN, or via the MobilePay wallet application which a majority of Danish people use.

Around 350 PAX S920 terminals were deployed, the first time a European open air festival has seen the implementation of an integrated mobile wallet and integrated POS solution.

About Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival in Denmark is one of Europe's largest music festivals, attended by over 130,000 people, many of whom camp inside the festival area, where there are over 300  street-food vendors.


About GoAppified

As one of the most innovative payment provider in Scandinavia, GoAppifed was asked by the Roskilde Festival organizers to come up with a payment solution that could run both card and mobile payment with an integrated POS as an All-in-One solution.

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