Case Studies

Moscow Subway Ticket Vending Solution


The Moscow Subway organization approaches INPAS to implement an improved ticket vending system which would increase customer throughput in an efficient and secure manner.

The D200 was identified as the ideal device, but several challenges had to be addressed in order to adapt to a subway scenario:

• Normally, a battery equipped terminal will not fully start up automatically when an external power supply is connected.
• Cutting off the external power supply makes the terminal go into battery mode. The terminal had to be embedded in the ticket vending box.
• The power-off button should not be touched. The battery will keep discharging until drained.
• GPRS and WIFI functions require the battery to cater to an incoming current power supply during the terminal booting process.


The first step was for INPAS to take the D200 structutral design schematics to create a new design type for the vending box. 

The second step was to resolve the power supply issues by getting PAX to custom-engineer the D200 to ensure that it booted up automatically when an external power supply was connected. This enabled GRPS and WiFi functions to work smoothly. PAX also provide INPAS with an interface to call the software application to automatically turn off the terminal as soon as the external power supply was cut.




This smartly engineerd solution enabled INPAS to win the Moscow Subway project, where to date over 4,000 D200 units have been successfully deployed.


Customer Profile

INPAS is the leader provider of payment solutions in Russia and a PAX channel partner since 2013. As a subsidiary of the Inline Technologies Group, INPAS serves over 500 client companies in many segments including banking, IT, government, retail, transportation and petroleum.