Case Studies

Student Attendance Control System

A major challenge in Turkey's universities was for professors to properly gauge student attendance in crowded lecture halls. When done manually, it is an exhaustive time consuming exercise, with students often fraudulently signing attendance sheets to cover up for their friends.


Etisan has solutions for many types of vertical market applications. They focus mainly on smart card systems and closed loop payment systems, delivering solutions to universities, public institutions, and the private sectors.

The main hurdles Etisan faced in implementing the Student Attendance Control System solution were around the approval and signature processes related to fieldwork.

• The need to reduce the time involved in attendance sheet signing

• The need to generate reliable attendance reports for professors

• The need to prevent non authorized entries into lecture halls


The Student Attendance Control System sees students swiping their electronic campus cards on the D200 while in the lecture hall, inputting the lecture code, and then passing the D200 on to the student sitting next to them.

The attendance data is shared real-time with a central university server via GPRS (the D200 comes with Bluetooth, WiFi and GPRS communication options). The system checks the lecture course codes against the database of student names and their assigned courses. Professors can monitor attendance during the lecture, randomly selecting students for verification.

A web-based interface allows the creation of attendance reports for past lectures, which can be monitored both by professors and Student Affairs departments.

PAX's D200 is easily integrated with such electronic campus systems, as there is no complex software development around security standards. It provides a sleek, compact solution, with cool design that appeals to a student population.


Etisan preferred PAX's D200 Mini POS for their Student Attendance Control System because it is:

• Cost-effective & reliable in terms of hardware.

• Secure and easy to develop software on.

• Enabling real-time attendance reporting.

• A very small compact hand-held device.


Not only this solution but also Etisan uses contactless Technologies of PAX for Conference Attendance and Event Solutions in many Turkish universities. Etisan plans in future to deploy this to vertical market customers who require mobile applications for entry systems, such as all types of educational institutions, large companies, and government ministries.

About Etisan
Founded in Ankara back in 1977, Etisan originally began in the printing industry, and has developed today into Turkey's leading solution provider for closed-loop payment systems, bank-integrated payment systems, smart card and kiosk solutions as well as security systems.