How we create value

PAX has built a number of core competencies which not only contribute to the company’s leading market position in China and internationally but also laid a strong foundation for further expansion.

Dominant position with leading products
  • One of the leaders in the concentrated China E-payment Terminal supplier industry
  • Long proven track record in China with strong brand recognition
  • Products known for its functionality, information security and reliability
Solid research and development capability
  • Extensive product range developed by our in-house Research and Development team (more than 714 engineers, accounts 51% staff population)
  • The only Chinese E-payment Terminal player passed all payWave, payPass, TQM and key international and regional certifications (owns > 100 products technology patents and > 500 domestic and internet certifications)
  • Focused and consistent Research and Development investments
Extensive distribution and services network
  • Extensive distribution network throughout China with after-sales and warranty services to customers in 40 major cities
  • Over 200 direct sales and after-sales services force
Strong client base
  • China UnionPay Merchant Service
  • Large financial services clients: Big state owned enterprises banks; Leading medium-sized banks
  • Third party payment service providers: All-In-Pay, China PNR, Vbill, Lakala and China Mobile
Comprehensive Product line
  • Smart Pinpad, MPOS/Mobile E-payment Terminal, Reader, Counter-top, Portable E-payment Terminal, Multi-lane E-payment Terminal
  • Terminal Management System, Server, Software Development Kit, Applications and Platforms
  • Being one of the international main stream brands (The installed base of its E-payment Terminal products reached over 14 million units and ranked No.3 globally (From The Nilson Report July 15 issue) in terms of volume of shipment) with optimal client portfolio, e.g. Heartland, Cielo, UOL, Unicredit, etc
  • Premium quality (worked with a TQM control Japanese EMS provider and excellent in-house supply chain management team)
  • Talented and relatively low cost R&D team
  • Products known for its functionality, information security and reliability
  • The most COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION PROVIDER among the existing international main stream brands
Extensive distribution and services network
  • Sold to over 80 countries and regions and working with nearly 90 reputable distributors and partners worldwide
  • PAX Overseas Direct Sales Force in China, North America, Brazil, India, Italy, Hong Kong and Macau
Appoint Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider
  • Select a reputable Japanese EMS provider
  • Focus on core value – Research and Development
  • Manage raw materials supply by our own
  • Raw materials & finished products quality attested by PAX team
Experienced management team
  • Experienced management team with combined international and China experience
  • Top management all have stayed with the group for a long time