June 25, 2021

PAX Global Technology Limited (“PAX”, HKEX stock code: 00327.HK), a world-leading provider of electronic-payment terminal solutions, announced that Innervation PAN African Payments (“Innervation) is the first company in South Africa to successfully perform an online paxRhino Remote Key Injection (RKI).



Innervation is a PCI-compliant payment and switching business with over 20 years' experience in providing streamlined integrated payment solutions, customer engagement tools & technologies, and value-added services to all tiers of retailers.


The PCI point-to-point encryption (P2PE) certified RKI solution provided through PAX’s EMEA region service centre in Italy, allows Innervation to instantly and securely inject keys remotely to point-of-sale (POS) devices within a merchant’s in-store environment.


The huge advantage is that payment terminals no longer need to move to-and-from a physical Key Injection facility. Instead, PAX terminals are directly sent from the manufacturer, acquirer or payment service provider to the merchant, then immediately connected to the payment system and PAXSTORE. Via RKI service, a unique key is requested which is received by the terminal & injected remotely in complete security directly at the point of sale.


Ian Steyn, Product Executive at Innervation, said, “Until now, our terminals were injected manually using Local Key Injection, which required terminals to be shipped to, and injected in, a Secure PCI Certified Trusted Centre every time. This process incurred significant shipping and administration costs, required additional buffer stock to be held, and delayed delivery times, more so when devices had to be shipped across borders. The PAX RKI solution is a faster and safer alternative to traditional key injection and reduces operational costs.”


Alan Scully, GM Southern Africa at PAX added, “Thanks to our experienced team in Italy, the implementation of RKI projects anywhere in the EMEA region now only take a couple of weeks. The RKI solution enables us to onboard customers faster, reducing time to market and saving time on PCI assessment as there is no requirement to submit further security mechanisms for PCI certification because the solution is already certified.”


Acquiring banks and payment service providers using the PAXSTORE platform, an independent marketplace and advanced terminal management system, find the adoption of RKI to be even more convenient. Any given merchant can be selected on the marketplace administrator’s dashboard with the relevant RKI key profile is selected and instantly pushed to the device remotely in the field.