July 09, 2020

PAX Global Technology Limited (“PAX”, HKSE stock code: 00327.HK), one of the world’s leading providers of electronic payment terminal solutions and related services, and Loyalzoo, the leader in loyalty platforms for small and medium-sized retailers, have announced that Loyalzoo’s Digital Loyalty app is now available on PAXSTORE, an open eco-system designed to manage and provide third party business applications, allowing banks and merchants to create their own independent application stores and provide value-added services via Android-based terminals.

Loyalzoo CEO Massimo Sirolla said, “Being on PAXSTORE is a big event for us. In the last five years we’ve worked on a lot of integrations with major smart POS providers. We realised at an early stage that to make loyalty a valuable add-on for merchants, it has to be integrated into the payment process. At a practical level, you need a solution that does not obstruct the merchant’s sales process. More importantly, we found that an integrated solution could leverage all the information coming out of the payment system itself. In other words, through careful integration, we can give merchants the kind of CRM system normally available only to big retail and hospitality. What we offer helps smaller merchants punch far above their weight.”


Conor Devane, PAXSTORE marketing manager said, “We’re delighted to have valuable applications featured on PAXSTORE. Partnering with solution providers such as Loyalzoo is part of PAXSTORE’s strategy to provide a leading open-platform collaborative ecosystem which connects app providers, terminal managers, payment service providers and merchants."


The first of many projects this year will see the deployment of Loyalzoo on PAXSTORE to thousands of merchants in Ireland via TruePOS payment solutions. Using the Loyalzoo application on PAX A920 Android mobile SmartPOS, it will provide a highly integrated and feature-rich in-store solution with the smallest hardware footprint.