July 20, 2020

PAX Global Technology Limited (“PAX”, HKSE stock code: 00327.HK), one of the world’s leading providers of electronic payment terminal solutions and related services, has announced that Smart Volution, a retail solutions software company, has launched the innovative Register Plus EPOS application on PAX payment terminals which also helps merchants across the United Kingdom track in-store visitors, in compliance with the NHS (National Health Service) Test and Trace program.

As the UK reopens following months of lockdown, merchants in the retail and hospitality sector are being asked by the UK Government to keep temporary records of customer for 21 days, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for the data, if needed, to help contain further COVID-19 outbreaks.

Register Plus EPOS software runs on new generation Android-based payment terminals, such as the A920 SmartPOS and E700 SmartECR, enabling staff to quickly type in and save customer data, thanks to a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) function on the PAX devices which can be configured to individual merchant requirements. Beyond EPOS, Register Plus offers many other benefits such as appointment booking (also a requirement for some businesses), marketing messages and text reminders.


Justin Coward, CEO at Smart Volution, said, “Should a customer test positive for COVID-19, the merchant will be informed and a text message can be sent via Register Plus to all people who visited the location around the same time.”


Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX (EMEA region), said “We are proud to see Register Plus making it as convenient as possible for shops and restaurants to be socially responsible. Retailers tell us that new-generation Android payment terminals with full touch-screen displays are easier to wipe clean, with many experiencing higher-than-usual failure rates when using legacy POS terminals with physical keypads, as disinfectant liquid seeps into the small spaces around the buttons.”



The Register Plus app allows merchants to keep track of payments, inventory and customer data in one single place, transforming PAX payment devices into a modern management system to support any business need.