May 29, 2020

PAX Global Technology Limited (“PAX”, HKSE stock code: 00327.HK), one of the world’s leading providers of electronic payment terminal solutions and related services, is pleased to announce the partnership with the Japanese local gateway service provider, TMN (Transaction Media Networks) to support the digitalization of small and medium-sized businesses through A920.

The customized A920 for TMN is an all-in-one terminal that supports credit card, QR code scanning, electronic wallet, and reward card settlement service. On 2nd April, TMN released a multi-payment services solution called "nextore" (registered as trademarks of TMN) designed for financial institutions and PSP (Payment Service Provider). With the theme of "Make your store more efficient," this solution aims to provide all-in-one payment services to digitize better retail stores, restaurants, clinics, and other small and medium-sized businesses. It brings abundant benefits such as solving the shortage of staff, increasing productivity, and reducing printing, shipping, and labor costs. Besides the all-in-one payment platform, nextore also comes with a reward system to build customers' loyalty.


TMN is now using nextore to work to add new services for medical and financial services. The medical assistance could be used for recording attendance, verifying qualification, and checking out, including a medical communication APP for liaising between associates. Developed as a strong support for institutions and merchants, the financial services manage all the data and turnovers more efficiently.

About TMN (
Transaction Media Networks (TMN) offers one-stop gateway service for various payments, CRM services and other retail solutions. Through TMN's comprehensive gateway, we process various settlement methods such as credit, electronic money, house prepaid and QR code settlement.