April 25, 2023
Press Releases

PAX, a leading global payment solution provider, is partnering with unattended payment industry leader ISVPay to offer customers the first-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution utilizing the Android™ based PAX IM30. The official launch will take place at the EV Charging Summit & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Charge to Charge is an Android-based POS application running natively on PAX’s outdoor rated IM30 unattended payment terminal. It is the first self-contained solution of its kind. This point-of-sale application is directly integrated with a smart charger control board to start, stop, and monitor the flow of electricity. A web-based backend portal provides a variety of robust features including transaction reporting, remote management, and digital signage scheduling.


PAX’s IM30 is the payment acceptance solution behind Charge to Charge. The IM30 provides a 5” anti-glare touchscreen, ruggedized build with an IP rating of 55, acceptance of all major payment methods, and seamless integration.


John Arato, SVP of Retail Solutions at PAX (US), commented: “The IM30 is a perfect solution for the unattended space, particularly EV charging. The Charge to Charge platform is sure to take the EV industry by storm and PAX is excited to be an integral part of the solution”.


Charge to Charge is designed to address the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulations for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment requirements regarding credit card payment acceptance, labeling, and reporting. These regulations specifically require disclosure of all fees at the point of sale, credit card reader, and mobile payment via NFC reader. EV charging systems that are solely subscription and membership based will not qualify for state or federal funding.


“Our platform, combined with PAX’s rugged, compact IM30, offers a truly All-In-One solution for businesses looking to invest in EV infrastructure” said Sarah Adams, SVP of Business Development, from Charge to Charge. “It ensures that businesses can support their unique requirements and abide by federal and state guidelines while offering an optimized user experience.


About Charge to Charge

Charge to Charge is located in Alpharetta, Georgia and is specialized in unattended payment acceptance and regulations within the EV charging industry. Their first-of-its-kind software is designed to address open payment acceptance and charging display regulations in real time. Their founders are seasoned professionals in the unattended and payment industries dedicated to empowering the EV Charging industry with a compliant, reliable and streamlined solution while creating a seamless experience for consumers.