PAXPAY Solution

Omni Channel Payment Gateway Platform


• Better serve Chinese tourists.
• Offer a true omni-channel experience to your customers.
• Enable QR code payment alongside NFC and Chip & PIN.


PAXPAY enables acquirers and merchants to easily integrate new and innovative forms of payment acceptance, such as WeChat Pay and Alipay, allowing consumers to pay for goods and services using QR code technology via their smartphones. Omni-channel payments become areality with PAXPAY, ensuring retailers boost their sales by never missing out on any transactions.


What is PAXPAY

• An omni-channel payment gateway service run by PAX.
• Enables mobile payment, bank cards, NFC contactless.
• A tailor-made merchant service with 24 x 7 tech support.
• A multi-channel multi-acquirer access platform.
• A host-based script application system.


Mobile Payment Scenario

• Full support for mobile payments such as Alipay & WeChat Pay.
• Supports either Quick Pay or QR Code Pay: where either a merchant scans the QR code on the customer's smartphone, or the POS terminal generates a QR code for the customer to scan.
• Ready access to Alipay & WeChat Pay.



Merchant Access
• Application process to accept new mobile payments.
• Transaction query and statement downloads.


• Detailed reconciliation service reporting for both merchant and acquirer channel.

Transaction Acceptance
• Accept any form of payment including QR codes, contactless and Chip & PIN.


Clearing & Settlement
• Provision of detailed clearing statements for the settlement organization.

PAXPAY Benefits

• Enable QR code payments & immediately cater to more Chinese tourists.
• Upgrade merchants to an omni-channel payment experience at no additional cost.
• Future-proof for Alipay, WeChat Pay and new forms of mobile payment.


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